Friday, April 29, 2011

Cracked Up

As many of you did, the Baloneys spent Saturday afternoon decorating Easter eggs.
We use Christmas mugs, of course.
 Few people love Easter eggs more than Doc's mom.
 A helpful babysitter hard boiled the eggs for me the night before.
 And boy does my refrigerator stink.
 Every year, Michael and the Doc write things about each other on eggs before dying them.
 Not so nice things, usually.
But this is the part of decorating that they love the most.
 This is Michael's.  It made me laugh.  Hard.
 This one says "Dad's a Bonehead."
Michael thought he got the Doc really good until Doc pulled out his creation.
You'll see it in the two pictures below.
Each and every year, the Doc writes "fart" or some variation on an Easter egg.  He's classy that way.
The moment I did not capture on film was when the Doc cracked on egg on Michael's head then peeled it.
Thinking it would only be fair to do the same, Michael pops Doc on the head with his "What's Crackin?" egg... but it turns out that one wasn't hard boiled after all.

Who knew?
Doc says I wouldn't have thought that was so funny if it happened to me.
Doc is right.
And it was SUPER funny to see Doc with egg all over him.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That was hilarious!! "It's dark in here", That made me giggle. :) And Doc with egg on his head. :) Hilarious!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You were nice enough to not show a pic of Doc.

I suspect that you had a special egg just for the occasion. But that is how my suspicious mind works.

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