Friday, October 30, 2009


How do they go from here...

and here...

to here... ?

The calendar says it has been 6 years from one of the
most memorable days of my life,
the first time I held this beautiful boy.
I can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy.

Jacob is an interesting mix of characteristics -

hysterically funny
flatterer extraordinaire

God's gift to our family indeed.

Because of the way Jacob came to our family, my heart is thankful in a whole different way.  Not for one moment would it take away from the birth of Michael.  But receiving a child through adoption has a specialness of its own.

So I'm thankful...
thankful to the point of tears and overwhelming emotion.
My children hold my heart in their hands.

So, truly, I think of this verse when I think of Jacob.
Philipians 1:3
Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Jokiest

What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year?
Jacob is going to be Batman.
Michael will be a ninja.

After much begging and pleading, I agreed to this...

OR this...

One of these dogs is going to play the "Joker" for Jacob.
Trust me when I say that each dog tolerated this costume but neither was excited about it.  In fact, Doodle wouldn't even look at me so I had trouble getting his picture.

The top picture is Snicker.  The bottom is Doodle.
Which one belongs in the Joker outfit and which one stays home?
Which one is the JOKIEST?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dolphins, Sea Lions, Whales - OH MY!

I hadn't posted pictures from our trip to Sea World yet (unless you count the one with me sticking out my tongue).  One of the most fun parts was discovering that friends from home were visiting Sea World the same day and even staying at our same hotel. 

We enjoyed spending time as a family in San Antonio, Texas.  The weather was perfect and Sea World is so much fun.
So here you are. 

Vacation pics - with captions...
in rhyme...
3 words or less.

Shamu Trick

Family Pic

Michael's happy

Tail is flappy

We all stared

Makes him scared

Bird attack

Pirate Jack?

Face paint

Tall - she ain't

Mariachi band

Life is grand

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dental Phobia

Doc felt it was time to share a little story from his office.

One of our friends brought her grade school-aged son in to his office recently.  This kiddo says some pretty funny things but I'm pretty sure no one expected this.
All sorts of people have dental phobias but I've never heard anyone complain about the chair before.  The chairs are actually kinda comfy!

Doc says, "I'm gonna lean you back so I can take a peek at your teeth."
The little man says, "I don't like it when the chair moves.  It tickles my crotch."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Who ME? By YOU?

These are the answers from a recent post that you gave about me when Jenny Mac gave me an Honest Scrap award.  I laughed with every one of them.  Some of you even researched the blog to find things out!  Perfectionists maybe?
I was amazed at how much you guys remember and know about me.  I also thought it was interesting what you thought you knew...

1. What is my worst fear?
  • Loss of hubby or children
  • Being trapped under the covers with all three of your boys when they have gas! Ha! Okay, no really, I'm going to guess you have the same fear as most mothers - that something bad will happen to your kids.
  • The Dallas Cowboys will miss the playoffs again this year. You need to prepare myself because it is probably going to happen.
  • riding the school bus
  • that you will be eaten by a giant tarantula-no wait thats mine...that something will happppen to your kids or instability
  • Losing a child

2. Do I have any hidden talents?
  • Online Trivia Genius 
  • Oh, I KNOW this one!!!!!!! DANCING!!!!!!!!
  • taking animated pictures of people
  • making a bus driver angry
  • music/piano
  • Nose picking?
3. What is my greatest accomplishment (to date)?
  • Creating Autism support group and being such a leader and example of how to be a Mom of an Autistic Child
  • Being a mom! =)
  • Its hard to pick you have had so many.
  • having two wonderful children
  • Autism Pilot program? your children? Finding my blog? LOL
  • Your children and your husband
4. How did I meet the Doc?
  • College/OU
  • In college! He was friends with someone you were friends with?! You didn't care for him much at first.
  • He says that he met you at a "Gentleman's Club"
  • high school
  • well IF I was to ask Doc he would say by putting a dollar in your g-string
  • At Dentist School
5. Name one job I've had or one organization I volunteer for currently.
  • Kappa Alumni stuff, Autism, CPO, the list goes on and on…
  • You've taught grade school and you volunteer with anything Autism related! 
  • I disqualify myself
  • room mother
  • You used to be a teacher before moving to docs hometown.You also worked flex hrs for Oklahoma Autism network.  (Wow Georgie!!)
  • American Red Cross
6. If I were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing I'd have to have with me (besides family)?
  • Your laptop
  • Laptop? Phone? Books? Oh, one thing! Ooops!
  • your laptop
  • a compass
  • I was going to say your cell phone/blackberry or Bible then I found this lil bit of info: Dessert (probably some fun drinks to go with it), but I don't think you would go without a deck of cards or some other game to terrorize whoever was stranded with you! :-)   

  • Books

7. What is my favorite holiday?
  • Gosh that’s a tough one…I’m torn b/w Halloween or Christmas. You love both!
  • Halloween! That's just a guess because it's our next holiday.
  • Christmas?

  • Christmas
  • Halloween and Christmas
  • Thanksgiving because you love to be thankful : )
8. What was I like in high school? or... What extra-curricular activities did I participate in?
  • Goodie Goodie - Youth Group
  • You played the flute and you were shy!
  • You were a dweeb. (Sorry, you have grown out of it.) - You were a member of the fashion club but they threw you out for wearing slacks with your dresses.
  • you blog
  • you wore pants under your dresses...your sis claims you were shy
  • Cheerleading because you are blonde and PERKY!

 9. What will I be for Halloween this year?
  • Kate Gosselin
  • GOOD question! I haven't got a clue! Hooker?!  
  • uh - a blonde Shania Twain?
  • a cowgirl
  • you will be kate and doc john OR you will both be M&Ms you will be plain and doc will be w/nuts ;-)
  • A candy corn
10. Describe me in one word. (Technically, that's not a question but you can answer it anyway.
  • A Thinker
  • Efficient!
  • "WonderfulSmartCaringFunInterestingMomWifeFriend" - its in the new Webster's, check it out.
  • Hilarious!!!
  • VIVACIOUS and Beautiful-inside and out even if you are a 'spitter' wink wink... I can't stop there tho' I mean i can't compete with your sister LOL who knows everything about you! I am older than you! who knew...You have a love of Mice;Your addiction to FB garnered you a cool FB tee; That ONLY you could rock out Mesh panties; That before flat baloney there was HANK; Cows freak you out; that you are a tad bit obsessed with mama Mia; That we both LOVE Joel McHale; that when you put your dogs names together they make a cookie and before doodle there was suzy; your drag queen name is SOFONDA DILDOS I thought that was hysterical; That 'poop' has been an issue in your home for awhile and here i thought it started with that poop hat!; That you are an AMAZING wife,mother and friend; You and Docs Bdays are one month apart... Okay i am done sounding like a stalker. This was fun.  (note from Baloney - Georgie... you're awesome!)
  • Outgoing
Thanks to Dawn, Rebeckah, Katie, Yogi, Georgie & Jen (but not in that order) for participating!

As promised, my sister filled the quiz out as well.  And because she wasn't feeling too cooperative, I will have to add my own answer in italics after hers (if they don't match).

1. What is my worst fear?

Smokey Joe or just riding a horse, ok really it’s Jacob going to college without learning to use the bathroom
In all fairness, Smokey Joe tried to kill me bucked me off when I was 9 and I never forgave him or any other horse for that awful experience. 
My biggest fear is something happening to my kids. 
My silly fear is that I'm 37 years old and still scared of the dark.

2. Do I have any hidden talents?

Mouse whisperer, exceptional poop trainer/cleaner, and the obvious—musician extraordinaire
I'm shocked no one put something about my exceptional Bejeweled skills.  Shocked.  I used to play the piano and once upon a time I was quite good at it.  I can hang a spoon on my nose and make myself burp.  Also, I've always been mom's favorite.

3. What is my greatest accomplishment (to date)?
Certified pole dance instructor, she tells me it’s great exercise!
Well... haven't tried it but I'm sure I would be exceptional.  I'll have to go with being the household CEO trying to keep everything balanced and everyone happy around here.  It's not so easy.

4. How did I meet the Doc?

You drank your way around the world at a fraternity party, and he picked you up – oops! That was the 2nd date. Met through his sister, your roommate and sorority sister.
Doc wasn't at that party but I did barf on the side of his car on the way home from it.  Ahhhh... the memories.  We met because I was roommates with his little sister in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at the University of Oklahoma.  BOOMER SOONER!

5. Name one job I've had or one organization I volunteer for currently.
You’ve had a job?? Ok, does Chick-Fil-A count?
Yes.  ChickFilA does count.  :)
Post college, I taught 5th grade in Oklahoma City.  Currently, I volunteer for Crisis Pregnancy Outreach (now accepting donations for the silent auction), Autism Center of Tulsa, lead a support group for moms of children with Asperger's Syndrome in the Tulsa area, weekly volunteer at Michael's school and organize the local mission stuff for our Sunday School (one event so far this year - oops).  Had to drop the sorority alum stuff.  No time.

6. If I were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing I'd have to have with me (besides family)?
A board game, “bored” to the rest of us
I would at least need a deck of cards.  I'm kinda thinking a Kindle wouldn't be so bad as long as I had unlimited numbers of books on there until I was rescued.  I am getting rescued eventually, right?
I hate my laptop.  Dare I say it?  I much prefer my desktop computer but the laptop is convenient.  Laptop status would be elevated to acceptable if I could play Bejeweled on it.

7. What is my favorite holiday?

Halloween – cause she’s kinda scary
I'm gonna go with Halloween but I really love all of the holidays.  I'm pretty sure that Halloween is my favorite because I remember my dad having so much fun with it.  One of the few vivid memories I have left of him since he died so young.

8. What was I like in high school? or... What extra-curricular activities did I participate in?
I tried not associate with you, so not sure! – band, church, young life, nerd club president and rearranging your mouse collection
What?  I was not in band in high school, but thanks for that.  I gave up the flute after 8th grade.  No marching for me.  I was also not in young life - that was my sister!  I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of said mouse collection.
I hung out with my youth group friends mostly.  I loved high school!  And since I blog I'm a little bit shocked that no one guessed I was a writer for the school newspaper.  Slackers.

9. What will I be for Halloween this year?
Something with fur
So, she already knew my costume.  Doc and I were Santa and Mrs. Claus!

10. Describe me in one word. (Technically, that's not a question but you can answer it anyway.
She's right, you know.  That about covers it - in a good or bad way.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perfect Pairings - Deuteronomy 3:22

Do not be afraid of them;
the LORD your God himself will fight for you.

Join me!
Post your own Perfect Pairing at your blog and
leave the post address in the comments section. 
Find a pic and match a bible verse.
It's that simple.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Someone lost another tooth.

I can't tell you how much it bugs me that he is growing up.

But what is adorable is this...

All facial expressions intentionally show off that big gap.
Too cute.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can't Blog... Too Busy... Take a Quizzy...

We're getting ready for some Halloween fun around here.
But who has time?
School is keeping us busy, busy, busy.

So... what Halloween spirit rests within your weary soul?

You Are Candy Corn

Your Halloween personality is whimsical, colorful, and creative.

You see Halloween as a time to get your creative juices flowing.

Each year, Halloween can't start soon enough for you.

You tend to go all out for Halloween. You decorate like crazy and always dress up.

Take the quiz and let me know your results!
Mine are frighteningly truthful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Impossible? I think so.

You know what is harder than getting a Christmas card pic?

Evidenced from our latest pumpkin patch adventure...

By the way, our pumpkin patch has lots of animals to feed and camel rides. 
We skip the good old-fashioned hay ride for excitement such as this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Be Back Soon

It's a hectic week at the Baloney house.
More later...

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Choice

Something to think about today.
Hope you choose #1.

Vacation pics headed this way soon...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perfect Pairings - Proverbs 17:6

Grandchildren are like a crown to older people.

And children are proud of their parents.
Sorry, Mom, but in this scenario you are the "older people."
My parents visited recently and my mom made cookies with Jacob.

Found these quotes just for fun -
Grandma serves kisses, counsel and cookies daily.
-- Author Unknown
Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting.
-- Author Unknown

Have a perfect pairing of your own?
Leave your post addy in the comments section to share it with us!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick Trip to Miami

In case you weren't paying attention, we've had a lot of rain lately. 
I mean... 40 days has come and gone.  Old Noah's got nothing on us.

All of my pictures lately seem to include clouds.  This particular day, I had to drive over to the dark side.

It's true!  What you can't see here is that to the left is a storm and to the right are bright blue skies.  This was the best I can do at a busy intersection in my car with an iPhone.

The bipolar weather days have continued to roll through.  The dreary days lacking sunshine are starting to take their toll.

Last weekend we drove to Miami for a wedding.
I know you are thinking that must have been a really long drive for us, but really it's just a couple of hours.
And would you believe... Miami looks like this.

I know you are thinking of sunny beaches and scantily clad women in bikinis. 
You might even be thinking of David Caruso and his sunglasses paired with his bits of stating the obvious (CSI: Miami, anyone?).
But this is Miami, Oklahoma.
In Miami, OK there is a casino every .2 miles. 
This one was my favorite.

If I had naming rights to a casino, HIGH WINDS CASINO would not be in my top 10 choices.

In Miami, Oklahoma the beaches look like this.

And the only thing sunbathing is the cattle.

The trip was worth it to see the wedding of these two.

She's a beautiful bride, even after having the frosting smeared on her face by the groom.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Because I love these and haven't posted in a while...
Vimrod is going to babysit whilst we vacate.

Finally, the dogsitter can wash the muddy paws
while I play with my family.
When I come back can the rain go someplace else?

Today's post is for all of my friends who've had the flu -
or are about to get it. 
And in celebration of the arrival of cold season.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Jacob is having girl problems. 
One day when I picked him up from preschool he announced: "That girl says we're getting married."

And I thought it was cute.  This was the day we started referring to her as his girlfriend.  To Jacob she remained THAT girl.

The next day when I picked him up, the teacher was laughing.  THAT girl will only go where Jacob goes.  She holds his hand.  He plays with her hair.  He didn't seem to be too upset by her constant attention.  He even tells her that she is beautiful.  Her mom reports that she worries if Jacob will like her hair that day.

I thought this was cute, too.

THAT girl waits for him to arrive in the mornings and THAT girl makes sure she says goodbye when he leaves at the end of the day.

After a week of being woo'd by THAT girl, Jacob turned on her.
Jacob's teacher reports that he started looking behind him, scanning the room.  Paranoia has arrived and a conversation with the teacher goes like this:

Teacher: Jacob?  What's wrong?
Jacob: It's behind me.  It's always behind me.
Teacher: (looks around) What's behind you?
Jacob:  It follows me.  It won't stop.
Teacher: What follows you?
Jacob:  You know... the GIRLfriend.  THAT girl.

The teacher holds back a snicker and politely asks THAT girl to give Jacob a break.
Now I want you to look at THAT girl and agree with me that Jacob has made a poor choice.  He should be happy to have her attention.

Someday he will want THAT girl to follow him around again.  In the meantime, there is no shortage of girlfriends and she has resumed her position as Jacob's shadow.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Jenny Mac awarded me with the Honest Scrap award and posting 10 things about myself that you don't already know.  I'm pretty sure they are all already out there?! 
I was thinking it would be more fun to see what answers you come up with.  If you are willing to participate, I'm going to post the answers I receive next week. 

Here's the deal --
I'm going to post 10 questions.  You're going to answer them -- about ME.  Because it's all about me.  Your answers can be funny or true (a little of both would be terrific) and it doesn't matter to me if we've never even met.  If you don't want to answer all of them, I'm okay with that - just be sure to tell me which numbers you ARE answering.  I don't like guessing games.

Copy the questions to an email and send them (with answers) to  Deadline to participate is October 18th.
I'm going to force my sister to participate since I think she will come closest to answering correctly.

1.  What is my worst fear?
2.  Do I have any hidden talents?
3.  What is my greatest accomplishment (to date)?
4.  How did I meet the Doc?
5.  Name one job I've had or one organization I volunteer for currently.
6.  If I were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing I'd have to have with me (besides family)?
7.  What is my favorite holiday?
8.  What was I like in high school?  or... What extra-curricular activities did I participate in?
9.  What will I be for Halloween this year?
10. Describe me in one word.  (Technically, that's not a question but you can answer it anyway.

Hopefully some of you will participate.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perfect Pairings - Titus 1:8

Rather he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good,
who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.

For those of you who don't know, this is Michael's TOPS soccer team, for kids with disabilities.  Boys and sports sometimes bring out the worst traits in all of us.  With our team there are particular behavioral challenges as you might imagine.
For Michael, we are still working many concepts:
perseverance - don't give up just because your team is losing
sportsmanship - be happy when others do well, it's a game
self-control - don't let your emotions take over
teamwork - it's not just you

Like I said, all kids work on this.  But most 10 year olds aren't willing to scream and cry and throw themselves on the ground in the middle of the field because of their frustration.  Most coaches have never been bitten on the bottom by a child who hears the screaming and has sensory issues.  Maybe you see the difference?

Hooray for TOPS.  We can work on these challenges in a safe environment without peers judging us.  Without it, Michael would not be participating in team sports at all.

Do you have a perfect pairing to share?
Type your blog post addy in the comments so we can see it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Nose It's True

Conversation in the car with Jacob this week:

J: Mom.  I like my new school.
B: I'm so glad!  (looks in rear view mirror) Jacob!  Get your finger out of your nose!!
J: Everyone does it.
B: Not true.
J: (sulking) I like picking my nose. 
B: Gross.
J: Besides... Dad does it.
B: True.

And who could argue.
We've all seen the proof.

I have tons of pictures like this.  A picture is worth a thousand words?

But maybe the influence spreads even further.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free TV!

Want to win a 14" television?
You know you do.

All you have to do is move to Bangladesh and kill the most rats.

You'd better get busy now, cuz the winner collected 83,000 rat tails.
No joke.
Oh, and did I forget to mention that was just in one month?
Find the whole story here.

What do you think Oklahoma would give me for killing the most web worms?

Autism Links - Educate Yourself


But Who's Counting...