Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Snoopy lives here.See the resemblance?
I'm going to have to train him to find his bowl since he runs all over the house with it!

And by the way - Pikachu is looking for a home.
I'd get in trouble with the neighbor kids for calling her that, but having the Pokemon fascinated child and seeing this poor pup's crooked tail is too much for me to pass up!
She goes by many names depending on which neighbor you ask but this brindle colored stray was found nearby. If you know someone who might like a middle aged part boxer who is very sweet, let me know. She needs to find a home. You can email me at if you want more information. She is up to date on her shots and just needs someone to love her. The neighbors are working on fattening her up since she was wasting away when found. Her bottom teeth are broken, probably from eating rocks and whatever else she could find. She loves kids and is very gentle! Not sure how she feels about other dogs, but gets along well with the little old pup at the house she is temporarily staying at.

Over here it is ice, ice baby. And it's too cold (too cold). Annie will like that with her love of rap.

Fine by me as I sit recouping from the crud. Cold air triggers my asthma so I'm happy to have to stay home for a while. I'm also extra grateful that the Doc stayed home Tuesday, too. Will be like an extra weekend and fun to have us 4 trapped in the same spot. Roads must be bad if Doc didn't go to work!

The good news about the ice?
Should melt in time for Michael's upcoming birthday party. Just in time!
Too bad I haven't bought his gift yet. Uh oh!


♥georgie♥ said...

hope you find that doggers a permanent home...

DeeBee said...

Your neighborhood has dogs ooozing with character.

Ro said...

cute tail!! i'll keep an eye out for a home!

Dawn said...

LOL cracking up with your character associations.

I do hope you all find him a home.

And, if you promise not to think horribly of me I'll tell you I still haven't bought Courtney's bday gift and her birthday was the 16th! :X Eek! But, now she's decided she wants me to wait and buy her a new Nintendo DS-I. It comes out sometime soon I think!?!

I hope you feel better soon! :)

Michelle said...

Is that tail for real? It cracks me up how you showed him a snoopy. I hope he finds a good home. He is so cute. I am planning Trey b-day party in two weeks.

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