Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Order McDonald's

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wii (are not) Fit

I'm the proud winner of the hula hooping championship on the Wii Fit. I'm sure this is only temporary so I'm bragging about it while I can. Ryan is out to steal my title but he hasn't won it yet. This title is only for MY Wii Fit since I've already been told by Leslie that she beat my by 7 swings. Now I have a new goal.

Do you have a Wii Fit? They are awesome! What's really funny is watching people when they do the Wii Fit, though. I think you burn just as many calories by laughing! I'm pretty sure your waist would go down 2 inches at least from the fits of laughter.

When I hooked mine up, it was a rainy day and we had nothing eles to do. Diane brought her kids over and they all played. Diane and I played, too - on the Wii Fit.
It's a little offensive, too. It tells you to step on and when you do it says "Oh!" in a way that implies you are a little heavy and it hurt. I paid money to hear this? I can get this kind of abuse for free around my house.
Then you take some "tests" and find out that you are 7 years older than your actual age -- according to how your body responds to the Wii Fit board.
Diane is the ski jump champion and it is driving me crazy that I can't take 1st place on that one. I'm trying to beat her in this picture with my perfect landing. I'm still #2 by the way.
That's okay, because look how she did on the ski race.

She is unbalanced. HA! Look at all those misses!

I'm learning all sorts of new things about myself. Who knew I would be so skilled at tight rope walking?

If I'm ever in a bind, I now have the confidence I need to get across that rope between two skyscrapers. See? This game has a real life application.

My Mii is named "Supermom" by the way. Supermom holds most of the records on the Wii Fit since I'm the only one who seems to play it. Or maybe I'm just that good at it...

The Doc took the body test and has not returned. It stuck him in the obese category (and he is not obese). It actually changes the shape of your character once it figures out your weight. Isn't that nice? You become more round and can no longer pretend that you look like the barbie doll version of the Mii that you have created for yourself.

Michael has been very concerned about this and spent two days straight watching everything his dad eats and reminding him he has to lose some weight. One night, he even tried to get me to cut his dad's portion when I served his plate at the table and reminded us of his score on the Wii Fit.

Our afternoon of neglectful parenting led to me finding this picture on my camera. I made the mistake (don't read this part, Doc) of leaving my camera in the gameroom. That is Jacob in the red and the bottom of my guest room bed. I'm not sure who's foot is on him or who took the picture. Or why his hulk underwear is showing and is on backwards (again). I'm pretty sure someone is trying to shove him underneath the bed. A good mom might know these things?

But a good mom also has to take care of herself and stay in shape. Right? It's all about priorities.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He Wants To Ride His Bicycle

All I have to say is WOW.
Oh... and that he is obviously an OSU fan trying to take down my Sooners.
Why else would he wear that outfit?
He couldn't possibly be one of us (Sooners, that is).

Makes me want to toss my bicycle, instead of riding it.

Ladies, I'm pretty sure he is still single. Let me know if you want me to arrange a date for ya.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I found a new website and I'm having lots of fun... at the cost of others.
First, I started with me and the Doc. It's only fair to make fun of yourselves first.
Used this adorable picture - one for the Christmas card, I think.

Sometimes the truth hurts. It's alright. We found each other!

I had trouble coming up with funny motivational sayings on my own, so I enlisted the WWW for some help. When I googled for quotes I found lots of sites to choose from. I read the quotes and then found pictures to match them (seemed to work best this way for me!).

I used one of their quotes for the Doc's poster below.

It's okay - he doesn't mind.

And how true that is. Although it was supposed to be funny.

Here is a picture I took on the way to my parents' house. Kudos to the Doc for pointing it out. An odd combination of businesses together.

Didn't have to use someone else's quote for this one. I don't think there is a quote listed to fit it?! Had to stretch my brain a little and came up with this. I'm sure you can think of better but I didn't want to think too hard.

Found this next quote and had to use it. My lucky friend Suzy gets to be in the picture because hers was the first funny picture I found.

Sorry, Suzy. You know I'm only kidding. :)

It was too good to pass up!

Want to make your own posters? Go to this site.

If you come up with something good, I want you to send it my way! I could use a good laugh!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reunion Crashers

Long story short - my sister attended a reunion to a high school she didn't attend.

Funny, isn't it?!
Made me laugh too.

Longer version? The school we attended when we were younger was having their 20 year reunion and she wanted to see all these friends from the past. I'm sure that sounds better but my short version was way more fun to tell.

Terri's husband ditched her and she needed a date. Guess who? You bet.
I couldn't make her go alone.

Fortunately, Caci's husband (that would be RK to the faithful blog readers) was in that same class so I had company.
So while Terri did this... (dark hair and flowery dress)
Caci and I were like this...And that was my Friday night. And I'm dating my sister.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Beach Test

Today's quiz is in honor of my vacation!
The boys and I are headed to the beach.

I will have a full week without internet access but will be able to read your comments on the blackberry.
I did set up my posts for daily updates - just some fun stuff on the internet mostly.
Details of the beach will be blogged when we get home.

So... what does the beach quiz say about you?!

What the Beach Test Says About You

You tend to be a very social person. You live for your friends and family. You can get social burnout occasionally though. You aren't a total extrovert.

You fall in love with ease and confidence. Even if you've had bad experiences in the past, each new love is a reason to start completely over.

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.

Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You are good at making almost anyone laugh.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys, Jacob's Turn

Boys are beyond the range of anybody's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years.
~ James Thurber

This is so true and I couldn't have said it better myself. I think it is even funnier that a man actually said it!

As a girl raised (mostly) by a single mom and an older sister, I come from generations of sisterhoods. I'm one of 2 girls. My mom is one of 3 girls. Her mom is one of 2 girls. And of the 9 kids, my great-grandmother was the oldest in a family of mostly girls. My dad was an only child and passed away when I was nine.

So, when Jacob and Doodle came inside the house while I was fixing dinner, nothing could have prepared this priss.

Out came the proud announcement...

"MOM - I just pee'd on Doodle outside and it was soooooooo funny."

I immediately looked at my puppy and asked exactly where on Doodle the pee was and Jacob pointed in the general direction of... every bit of Dood's fur. Head, neck, body, paws. Yup. We covered it all.

So, that explains this:
And that, my friends, is why I had a dog shower built in my laundry room.
And for the record - dinner was still served on time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finished Vanishing Acts by Jodi Piccoult (on the side under "My Library" for a few more days). Anyone else read it?! Anyone else out there read? Gosh I hope you do. If not... what are you doing here? I mean do you read for fun?!

Not sure what I think about it. I liked the story line but they jump around way too much with the characters in my opinion. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character. A little weird. You can get the synopsis from the link if you want to hear more. I found myself jumping ahead here and there until the last third of the book - then I couldn't put it down. See? Always finish the book even if it starts slow.
I'm working on The Shack right now which I was SURE I would love based on popular report but... not so much. And I'm seriously not that picky! Maybe it will improve - I will let you know. Caci wasn't liking it either but I thought that was just personal taste until I got a little further into the book. So here you go Caci - you just might be right. There. I said it.
Also saw SPACE CHIMPS with the boys. I was sure that it would be horrible and was pleasantly surprised. Wow. A rated G movie that was really worth seeing.
Take your kids. It is great! I *heart* G-rated movies!

Back to this one. Mamma Mia. My, my.

I really would be happy to go see it again with any girlfriends who live by me. I'm not free to join you for a while, though, so you may not want to wait on me. In spite of what I'm about to say, I still love Mamma Mia. And the final scene is hysterical.

I tell you the truth here... in an audience full of women, not one could keep a straight face when Pierce Brosnan sang. Not ONE! There was audible snickering throughout the theater every time he started up. I was so disappointed in the men's singing. The others weren't terrific but PB just looked like it was painful.

Poor Misti. She loves him but had to admit she had finally found a flaw in her ideal man.

I almost felt bad for him. It was like watching American Idol. I can't watch that show when they are weeding out the really bad singers. I hate being laughed at and I feel bad laughing at them too. So I just don't watch. I know. I am the ONLY American who skips this show.

So, if you like Mamma Mia then see the movie but prepare yourself. There are some amazing singers on there as well - it just so happens that (in my opinion) they aren't pictured above.

Boys Will Be Boys, Part 1

I have to start by telling you that I really, really try to teach my boys proper manners. I have taught them to say please and thank you. I work on getting their words out sans whining. I try to get them to address all adults with "Mr." or "Mrs." and pick their words carefully. Michael has really picked up the habit nicely. Jacob - well... we are still a work in progress.

I think I've been a little too focused on the common courtesies and never dreamed it would go here. I didn't think about what they might say to other kids.

My friend Summer kept Michael at her house two Sundays ago so that I could go to a funeral in Texas. It was such a huge favor to me. I was worried that Michael would play video games the whole time or be rude to her or her kids. Normal parent worries, right? Never fear. Summer said he played nicely with all 3 of her girls and hardly touched his Nintendo DS. She was so complimentary of his behavior that I began to feel proud of my boy. She got to see how sweet my Michael is - and I always like when people get to see that side of him.

Inflated pride comes with a price.
Summer soon found this.
And POP!
The bubble is burst - just like that.

This is Michael's handiwork on their chalkboard. If you are having trouble reading it, it says "Pull my finger because my butt smells awful."

Summer and her husband are grateful that their kids couldn't read it. They have had a few good laughs over it, too. I think after this experience they are beginning to understand that boys are just different from their little girls. Summer thinks the word "fart" is as bad as a cuss word. It's not pretty, I'll admit. But you just try to tell a boy that word is taboo. Good luck with that.

So what if your daughter can burp the alphabet. Mine can write crude things on other people's chalkboards.

If you are wondering where this burst of creativity comes from, I will tell you that Doc was just so impressed that the spelling was accurate.
Gee, I wonder who teaches them these things?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Story of Michael, Part 9

I left this story with Michael attending a private school. To say the least, things were not going so well. Doc and I were sick to our stomachs with worry. Michael was pretty wound up, too. At home, he was always on edge - I think just from being in trouble all the time. I was losing my sweet boy to anger.

Just my personal opinion here, but teachers are called to love the unlovable. If you can't do that - you need to find another job. I'm not saying Michael is unlovable, don't get me wrong. I'm saying that every teacher's goal should be to do their best for every kid in their class whether they are challenging or easy to work with. But it doesn't always work that way. Whether or not I succeeded in my own classroom - I do know that I loved and adored and gave my heart to every kid in my classroom. Especially the ones with more challenging behaviors. A "Michael" in my class would have been a challenge, no doubt. But isn't he worth the effort?

You see, I don't think Michael truly understood what he was doing wrong. Playing tag just seemed like a lot of kids were hitting him. And they were telling him he was out which made him a loser. All parents know that losing is a hard concept to accept for any kid. It's hard for some adults, too! For one with Aspergers, they always know the score even if you aren't making the game competitive. Some may care more than others - but the vast majority keep track. Besides, elimination games for preschoolers are inappropriate in my opinion.

Michael was talking but his ability to express his thoughts was still very delayed. He was better at just answering questions - so you had to know the right one to ask if you wanted to get the whole story. He knew that kids were being mean to him and he was getting in trouble. He was playing the game by their rules and being sent home. Thing is - Michael didn't know how to be sneaky or why he should be. The other kids did know this trick.

So the deck was just stacked against him.

Pair that with a teacher who completely lacked understanding of Aspergers and a principal who labeled my kid "trouble" - this was a recipe for disaster. The teacher claimed that all discipline was handled by the principal. Excuse me, but I'm calling B.S. on that one or I will at least say that it is a bad idea. Discipline should be dealt with in the classroom when possible. As a teacher I spent the majority of my energy on classroom management. I taught in a school where discipline problems were expected, but this is still a normal expectation. If I didn't handle discipline issues in my classroom, then that made me not in charge of my classroom. I think it was just an excuse to get Michael out of the picture every day.

And the phone did ring... every single day that he was in school. I would see the school's name and number come up on my caller ID. Then the butterflies would hit my stomach and I'd want to run and throw up. I really don't get rattled this easy. It's true. Things can upset me but I don't tend to take it this far.

I even went to see a behavioral psychologist. She knew Michael from the days of ABA therapy. She knew me as well. She offered some strategies for me as a parent and ideas for the classroom that might help. I was also able to get some piece of mind. You see, I was concerned that I was making excuses for Michael since he had a disability. I wanted to be sure that I clearly understood the aspects of Aspergers and what might present itself in a classroom setting and what modifications would help him to succeed. I wanted to know that I wasn't crazy! I needed an objective, but informed opinion. Dr. H. also encouraged me to try public school again. So I started to think about it.
The principal called one day and asked me to schedule an "end of the year conference" with him. Knowing this sounded odd, I asked him if every student has to have this conference. Of course, he said, "No. Just the ones that we have concerns about."

It was obvious that it wasn't an academic concern. I mean... Michael was phrasing mathematical questions to us in an algebraic format! So we knew to brace ourselves.

We were still going through the muck of trying to figure out where to send Michael to Kindergarten. Should we stick with the private school and hope that it was just a teacher issue (what were we thinking?!)? Should we try the public school again? Would they be willing to work with Michael and show compassion? Were there any other schools to consider? I was researching all of them. I had my ear to the ground in the good ol' mom network of autism world.

So the day of the conference came. I'm trying to keep my emotions in check. Doc is trying not to explode with anger. See the different ways things can come out? Doc is not an explosive kind of guy but that was his reaction to this mess. Of course, this school has not only been hurtful to our son - but it has had his formerly sane wife going through a box of kleenex a day just due to tears. The normally stable one is on the brink. Husbands don't like that.

We stepped in to the principal's office and the conference began. He began to list all of the things that were not going right. He presented it in a format of "YOUR son (this) and YOUR son (that)..." He informs us that his own kids have been taught first time obedience. I guess I was teaching fourth time obedience? Ha. In his house, nothing ever has to be said twice. His wife won't tolerate non-compliance. She has done an excellent job with their kids. Might as well have thrown a few daggers at me. Apparently, this was all my fault. I got the message - he thought I was a horrible mom!

He had the teacher talk about all the ways that Michael made her life difficult. She provided documentation of all the things that he did wrong. He didn't want to color. Sometimes he would sit quietly in the reading area when they were in center time. He wasn't making any friends. The other kids were avoiding him, scared he would get upset again. He finished his work too quickly. Funny that this was a problem. It was always accurate, but she felt he should take his time and do more. For Pete's sake, he was four! I'm sure there were others on the list but I've buried them deep, deep in the memory banks never to be retrieved again. Some things are better left alone.

Throughout both of their listings, I tried to logically explain behaviors and provide a better understanding of Aspergers Syndrome. You see, I still had this insane belief that all educators wanted to understand. They did know before accepting him that he had A.S. It wasn't a surprise to them. I wanted them to understand that his communication ability was delayed. I wanted them to know that his behaviors were not necessarily intentional. I wanted them to see that things were going on besides just his behaviors and sometimes he was reacting to the things happening to him - things that weren't noticed and stopped.

Back to the principal/perfect parent. He then told us that he wasn't going to tell us we couldn't enroll our son for the next year, but... that if he had one problem next year -- just one -- Michael would be expelled from their school. Just like that. No questions asked. He thought it was only fair to let us know that. He told us that Michael was choosing to make poor decisions and it had nothing to do with his Aspergers. He said because of Michael's intelligence, he knew that Michael was consciously choosing poor behavior choices.
Hello?? Have you heard a word I said?! He basically defined Aspergers! Average to high intelligence with lack of social capability.

Dr. H. told me that his statement is like telling a child with Cerebral Palsy to turn it off and walk across the room. Absurd. Having Aspergers affects every thing that Michael says and does. He is his own individual personality - Aspergers doesn't define him, but Aspergers is a part of him that can't be separated out either. I tried to explain this to him but he wasn't listening.

His response?

He looked me squarely in the eye and said,
"Maybe we don't understand Aspergers, but we don't want to."
That is an actual quote. No doctoring needed.

Through my tears and raspy (by now) voice, I informed him that Michael would be finishing the school year at his school. I said I expected him to be treated well and I would be keeping a close eye on things. I documented (and have since shredded the papers) everything that had happened up until that date - and everything since then. As a teacher, I knew that documentation is everything.

Doc told him that if there are any calls going to our house, it had better be fully documented and witnessed and thoroughly investigated. All parties involved would be dealt with.

We were through with the nonsense and through with picking our son up early. Part of me wishes now that I had just removed him for the year. Maybe the stubborn side of me just had to win. But I didn't really win, did I? Sometimes we push for the wrong things.

We also told them that they didn't need to worry. We didn't want to have anything further to do with them after this school year.

We pointed out their hypocrisy. Doc reminded them of Mark 10:14.

When Jesus saw this, he was indignant.

He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,

for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

They didn't care. We were just a nuisance to them. Their mission was to have kids at their school with parents who would donate and raise scores or boost their athletic program. They claim to have a special education lab, but it's only for dyslexia, etc. so that is kind of misleading. It's only the disabilities they like and approve of. I always wonder if that teacher or that principal ever felt regret. Did they truly feel righteous in their behavior? My thought is... yes, they do feel righteous to this day. Deep down, I hope they know better.

This Christian school, or at least these individuals, had forgotten their foundation. They had also decided that only certain children were worth educating and loving. I hate the example that it gives. Of course, the reminder is that we are all human so we all make mistakes. Doc and I are obviously not perfect, but we didn't deserve to be treated this way. Michael really didn't deserve it. As Christians, peoples' expectations for us might be higher than your average person. Not always fair, but we are called to a higher purpose. We are supposed to grow His Kingdom.

I have friends who still endeavor to send their kids to this school. It makes me want to scream. I understand that our circumstances were different, but I hope that they will think deeper than that. Where is the heart for this Christian school? Would you really want your kids at a place where they feel justified in treating people this way?

Turns out, we weren't the only family who encountered challenges with them. I don't have any other Asperger stories from this facility (we put an end to that for any future applicants) but I do know other families with heart-wrenching stories and they aren't just behavioral problems either. They are stories that definitely speak to the heart of this administration. I know we aren't the only ones.
There is an odd kind of comfort in that.

Not that I want to put this on anyone, but Doc and I secretly wished for them to have children of their own on the spectrum. I know that is not right. The human side of me wanted them to be forced in to understanding. Isn't that awful? Why would I ever wish for a child to have to go through life with such challenges? It's one of those dark places our minds will take us if we let it.

This experience was truly another faithbuilder for us. Doc and I became a team with Michael for the first time officially. Up until now, Doc was not involved in a lot of the therapy/school stuff - that was my area. Doc was starting to pay more attention. And we knew that no one else was going to support our son or care for our son with the same passion that we would. This was our job and he is our gift.
In the pit of my despair, I knew that only God could pull us out. It was beyond my control. When you realize you can't control something, that is when you learn. You really learn. You have to learn faith or you will not find your way out.
From great despair, one just might find opportunity and motivation.
Kindergarten was coming and I was bracing myself.
I love your comments. It makes me happy to think that some of you are really interested in and understanding our story and my hope is that you will be able to help and support your friends going through similar experiences. But... a book? Really?? I can't even imagine it!
To catch up on the previous "parts" of the story, click here. Then read from the bottom up.
Part 10 coming up --

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Popsicle Man

Finally, an ice cream man who doesn't scare the neighborhood.

There is always a shortage of popsicles at my house. This is why I have to buy the cheap ones now.

Someone keeps giving them away to all of the neighbors. Not that I mind, really. It's just that the good ones always disappear first! I didn't realize the method. I just thought my freezer was being invaded by the neighborhood gremlins.

For Jacob, popsicles are an addiction. For Michael, ice cream is way better. Lucky us - the ice cream man frequents our block.
Probably because of us.

We haven't seen the scary ice cream truck people in a couple of weeks so Jacob decided to take matters in to his own hands. I've seen him load up before, but I didn't realize until this day what was going on.
I thought all the popsicles were for him.
Jacob has set his ambitions high.

He is the new ice cream man.
He loads up his police car and heads out "Flintstone Style" calling out to any kid who will listen.
He gives these popsicles away to whoever wants them. If he runs out, he heads back to our freezer to reload.

"Outta my way! I have a delivery to make!!"

A good ice cream man is careful to not overload. They might melt.
Such exhausting work, alas my people await.

"Come and get it!"

Now back to the grocery store.

Jacob has a new business to run.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Things Never Change

The best friends to have are ones like these. We may or may not see each other for a while, but there's never the awkward adjustments. We just pick up where we left off. If you get bored with my weekend recap, I totally understand. BUT, if you read nothing you should still watch our most amazing video at the end.

It was a really fun weekend with my high school girlfriends in downtown Fort Worth. I am pretty sure it was the shortest weekend of my life! I'm missing my girls already.

Here's the recap - as brief as I can make it.

Pants UNDER dress. Leslie took the opportunity to have an extra laugh at my high school outfit on Friday's blog. I'll be darned if I'll let her do this one alone.
We started off by seeing Mamma Mia.
Pierce Brosnan can NOT sing.
Loved the movie anyway.
Went to dinner afterwards and got our fortunes. I'll put them on here if you want to see... it's only funny if you read them correctly. You know, you have to add "in bed" to the end of each fortune.
Ah-ha! Now it's funny.
Downtown Fort Worth is amazing.
Went to the piano bar.
Started with some of these...Then introduced ourselves to Ariel."She" sang Part of Your World while combing her hair with a fork.
Saw Sean. Was told that girls night is not really his thing.
Saw Marianne. She brought a co-worker who didn't seem to have any hang ups about hanging with us.
Sean is becoming a grumpy old man.

Woke up Saturday morning and went to get our nails done.It's the WHO'S WHO of feet. Pretty, aren't they? I'm just glad I'd shaved.

Steph mentioned that the ONE thing (only 1!) that she didn't want to do was shopping. So how did we end up here?Sorry.
It was next to the nail place.
So much for lounging by the pool!

But, if we hadn't come here I wouldn't be able to tell you about Leslie and I getting locked into the changing room.
*Yes, for some reason... Leslie and I always share a changing room. I'm not sure how this happens?!This is where Leslie starts panicking and telling me we were locked IN. So, I go over and give the handle a little jiggle (after taking her picture) and sure enough - it won't budge. I didn't have any problem pulling the door open using the non-functioning door handle, though. Yes. This hadn't occurred to Leslie in the midst of a minor panic attack. Not all doors are made alike!Guess who is not having fun? Steph is pregnant with her first baby and walking around in Texas July heat was not her idea of fun. For the record, she didn't complain even once. What a trooper! She will kill me for posting this picture, by the way. Guess that will be the end of my blogging career?

Saw a comedy show. As if we weren't funny enough on our own (you don't need to comment on that).

Leslie must have learned something at the comedy show. We were trying to get a pic at dinner afterwards and she tells me that there is something in my teeth. Snap. Notice Misti immediately took cover as well. Kim is still smiling away.

Oh - there we are.

And that was the perfect girls weekend for me.

Especially if you view our homemade video. It's why I say some things never change. This is Kim, Leslie and I --- always. And believe me, there was no alcohol involved in the filming of our musical debut. It's true.

It's a recap of the movie we saw. We have the song stuck in our heads and... these things happen. Where's a karaoke bar when you need one? That's all I can say about that.

Be sure to watch Leslie on the right. What in the heck is she doing? You're probably just wondering what in the heck am I doing? Clutzy as I am, I want everyone to notice that I was not the one running in to the wall. I didn't pee my pants either or have any other embarrassing things like that happen, but I'll get in trouble if I explain that one.


And the Oscar/Grammy goes to... ?

Plans are set for next year. This will become our annual escape.

Who knows? Maybe we'll even make a new video.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recap for the week...

I'm going to get in trouble with Caci for saying it, but... meet TRIPOD. Caci thinks that is tacky but I think it's a little funny.

She's a 3 legged Beagle mix stray who adopted my aunt, uncle and grandparents on their farm in Texas. I got to meet Lady B (her official name) when I attended my cousin's funeral. Lady B is coming home with me Sunday night but the Doc says I can't keep her. She's the SWEETEST dog ever. Lady B has not learned her lesson about chasing cars despite the loss of her leg so that is why she is being transferred. I found her a home and a really good one at that! More on that later.
Baloney with her mom and sister

Girls - get your CA-125 blood tests done. My cousin's doctor didn't do it on her and it would have saved her life. We loved Kay very much and losing her broke many hearts.

I traveled with Jacob to Texas for her funeral on Sunday night and went home Monday afternoon. Everyone keeps talking about how well Jacob behaved, but I'm going to confess. He was lifting the back of my skirt throughout most of the graveside service and giggling (it sounded kind of like Ernie's quiet giggle on Sesame Street). I told him numerous times to stop - but he just said, "Girls do that."

Here's a fun fact for you - COWS FREAK ME OUT. I mean look at that thing!! It's just weird. And they stare at you.
Michael got his hair cut. He got a lot of hairs cut. I had her just take a bunch of it off and he thought it was cool. Doc thought it looked horrible so I guess we will be growing it out.

Here is what happens when Michael plays with your phone. I have about 5 of these to delete. Reminds me of his father.

And lastly, Dood has a new trick. He pushes my chair all over my office. At least he isn't eating it - yet.

It's been a really busy couple of weeks, but these are the parts I thought I'd mention.

I'll fill you in on the girls' weekend later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are You Texan?

Thought I'd take this quiz while I'm visiting the great state of Texas!

Are you more Texan?
Take the quiz and let me know -

You Are 72% Texas

Well, knock me down and steal muh teeth! You're pretty darn Texan.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Us Girls

My favorite friends from high school mostly were those I went to church with. Jane was Catholic so she wasn't with us in this picture. I put little pink checkmarks on our shirts in this pic. I think this was some kind of senior class retreat? I don't know why I have pants under my dress. I've always had such a sense of fashion.
See? Fashion. This was college. Like how my anchor earrings match the one on my sailor shirt? I'm sure that I thought it was all sorts of cute at the time.

I'm headed now to a girls' weekend in Fort Worth with my high school pals. We've stayed in touch even though each one of us ended up in different places. They have been my best friends through thick and thin. I love them with all my heart!

I dug through some old photos so I could introduce them to you --- pre-girls' weekend.

Here is Kim. You may remember her from the prom pictures if you read that blog.
I found our May birthday party pictures (also had Sean, Scott and Marianne in there) and pulled this one from the bunch. I think we were in college by this time.

Kim and I had lockers next to each other for all 4 years of high school. We got to know each other in our homeroom class in 9th grade. We watched Mike S. torture Vicki and many others. We even got to see him throw her shoe in the hallway one day. If you know Vicki, you will know why this is particularly funny since she was the most straight-laced friend I ever had! Kim was the first one of us to get her driver's license, too. So, she was my personal chaperon on many occasions since I had the May birthday!
Here is Stephanie with Misti (Steph is the blond) at my baby shower. I would have to guess that I met Stephanie in 6th or 7th grade - whenever I went to UBC (our church) for the first time. She went to a different high school than most of us. Steph is pregnant with her first child and we will be celebrating baby Amelia this weekend! She's not due til September, I think.
My favorite Steph story... ski trip in high school. She fell under the lift and some guys started hollering. She tried to blame me for her fall and yelled at me. It was a great fall! Steph gets embarrassed easily. I wrote about her in my first blog this past January because she and Gil went skiing with us and even brought her brother Jason (the "bonus").
She and I are also too competitive with each other. We played a lot of Spades in high school and always had to be on the same team - just to maintain our friendship. We go way back and I could tell Steph stories all day, but then I'd be in trouble. We are awesome at spades, though. :)

And Misti... She and I have been friends since 7th grade.

We probably identify with each other the most with our backgrounds being(somewhat) similar starting that particular year. We both had been through some trauma just before meeting. We both watched our moms date (eeewwww... trust me). I'm pretty sure that warped me for life! Just kidding, mom - in case you read this! For the rest of you, it's the sad truth.
We both got new step-dads about the same time. Just stuff that our other friends were not experiencing, you know? When we met, we were instant friends. Misti is teeny-tiny and looks hilarious walking next to me, the Amazon.
Here is Jane (holding Michael). This picture was taken when Jane and Leslie came to my parents house to meet Michael. Jane has been friends with Leslie all her life. They were neighbors and went to school together until high school. She also went to school with Kim when they were all younger (I think). Jane went to a different high school and is the only one who wasn't in our youth group. Jane and Leslie were college roommates at A&M too! She is a sweetheart and the perfect candidate for girly giggle fits any time. I won't tell any mean stories on Jane - she's too nice for it.And here is Leslie. I couldn't help but post this when I found it. Think I will hold on to this picture for a long time. You never know when I might need it again.
I met Leslie our junior year of high school. The main part of our friendship really started our senior year, though. We bonded over an AP Government class and a student in there who breathed like Darth Vader down my neck. We got in trouble with laughing fits in the Baptist church choir and couldn't stop ourselves. We'd have tears in our eyes and try to avoid looking at each other but it just never worked. I have some most excellent Leslie stories to tell, but those will be another day. For now, I will say that Leslie is extremely loyal to all her friends and compassionate, too. She is also the ultimate goofball! See? I'm sure this picture was her idea.I am digging that dress I'm wearing. Sadly, I think I wore it a lot. Isn't that nice? I took a summer dress and put a turtleneck under it. Versatility, that's what that is. It was one of those t-shirt dresses that were pretty popular in the day. This was in 1990 or maybe even 1989.
Not sure if I will see Marianne. Finding her is always tricky (hint, hint). Maybe she will join us one night?

We're all meeting at a hotel for the weekend in our hometown Ft. Worth, Texas. Wonder if we'll be tame old ladies (boooorrrrring) or if some of the old goofiness will find it's way out (a sure bet for some people in the group - I won't say who). I'm sure there will be laughs and late nights involved!

And I'll let you know.

For the girls I'll be hanging with - this is your warning.
I will have my camera.

Everything is bloggable.

Get ready.
If it's interesting - you will soon know about it.

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