Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fairy Tales

One day, long, long ago.......

there lived a woman
who did not whine, nag or bitch.
But this was a long time ago....
...and it was just that one day.

The End


Yeah, right - even for one day! Have you seen this email before? She also lived on a deserted island and was mute! My opinion - take it or leave it.

Thought it was a good intro for todays entry which should really be titled Things To Do. Or... Baloney is a nag. Whatever. The joke around our house is to say "I DO EVERYTHING" and walk away. Doc started saying it around the time that he realized the workload around the house was a little less than balanced. Now we work together more but we still like to say it.

In reality, my biggest gripe (besides golf) is probably the "to do" list. Doc doesn't allow "to do" lists. We are talking about some major fits when a list is presented. I get tired of having lists of things to do, but it's the only way I remember to get things done. I feel like if it's going to be done I have to nag (ewww) or just do it myself (unfair). Say what you will, but this is how I feel about it.

Over the last few weeks I have taken pictures of some things on the to do list. These are all minor annoyances - not major house repairs. For the record - Doc was aware of me taking these pictures. Some of them I didn't do because I felt like I could share the burden (ha) of getting things done around here and some I didn't do because I physically can't do them due to shoulder issues and fear of heights.

Example A: Baloney tried to use the drill to put up something to hang necklaces (after 6 months of living here and asking the boss to help out)

If you look closely I couldn't even get that screw on the right to go in straight - it just barely keeps things in place and still sticks out halfway! The other side is worse.

Then there's the stuff that just lies around and won't go away.
These are Christmas lights on my back porch. In November, I asked Randy to put them on the pergola back there. The intention was to leave them up year-round. Or leave them down I guess. I threw these away last week.

Who will plant these? (Gigi did when she was here - she can't stand it)

Nice storage for your garden hose. Looks great from the street, too.

This one is still on the fence for your viewing pleasure.

The light on one of my outdoor ceiling fans burned out a week after we moved in. Still needs changing. Might happen this summer?

This ball has had many homes over the winter. AND it has been deflated all winter too. Over the 3 week watch, I took pictures of it in all these different places. Whoever picks it up and moves it isn't capable of making it to the trash can?

I finally gave up and threw the ball away.

The pool caretaker can't ever seem to put the tools away. On the other side of the hot tub is the pole used for this basket! Doc doesn't like to have just one pile of mess - somehow we have to take it apart (for what reason?) and make TWO piles of mess. More is always better. These finally got put away last weekend because Doc's family was coming over for Sunday brunch the night after Becki's wedding. There was some grumbling about the insurmountable task ahead of him. Still, one point for Doc.

Inside the house, the list is usually a little smaller. I either pile up Doc's stuff in his side of the closet or the garage. At least I can get it out of my way?

You-Know-Who's locker shelf. It's full.

A personal favorite (back to laundry - remember my entry called Peace and Tranquility?) is something about laundry that I didn't tell you. Sometimes when Doc just sits in the living room and I'm doing laundry, I do this:

Notice, he is reading. I think this is the only time I've ever seen him read. EVER. That writer's strike from TV really affected him! He finally got so bored he picked up a book!!

Anyway, I ocassionally pile laundry on top of Doc while he sits there. And Doc ignores me. Sometimes he puts the clothes away, and sometimes he sets them aside and leaves them for days. We're very passive aggressive in this house. I put laundry away for 3 people so I fold and gather Randy's and make him put his own away. Kind of.

Another laundry issue - Doc likes his shirts to hang until they're dry. No problem, but come and get them!! This blue striped shirt had been there a month at picture time. I finally put it away.

This picture finally got hung by PapaDad when he was here for a visit. Gigi and I had him hang several pictures for me, in fact. It sat in my closet for only 2 months. This is record time for getting a picture hung in my house!

I'll have you know that my husband did do something on his own (without nagging I mean). He changed the battery on this clock. Funny thing is that I never look at this clock to know what time it is so I didn't care if it had batteries in it! Oh well. Still gets points for that one! Does that make TWO points for Doc?

I always think of Everybody Loves Raymond when I think about things getting done around here. My favorite episode of all time is when Ray and Debra have a standoff about who will be the one to take the suitcase up the stairs after a trip. They just leave it there and no one says a word while they wait for the other one to take care of it.

That episode describes Doc and I perfectly when it comes to the To Do list.

Should be sad, but it's also a little bit funny when things are put in perspective. Who will be the one to get it done?

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